frequently asked questions


does mōmi guarantee its products? +
does mōmi offer financing or payment plans? +
what is mōmi’s return policy? +
my order arrived damaged. what do i do next? +
i believe my mōmi bottle (or nipple) is defective. what do i do next? +
what if my baby won’t accept the mōmi bottle? +
how can i leave a review about the mōmi bottle? +
i have a question that’s not covered here. how can I contact you? +


does mōmi offer free shipping? +
when will my order ship? +
what are my shipping options? +
what if i didn’t receive my order? +

mom2mom referral program

how does the referral program work? +
can i get credit for referring myself as a customer? +
is there a limit to how many referral credits i can receive? +
can i let my friend use my referral credits? +
where can i find more details about the referral program? +

using the mōmi bottle

how should I introduce the mōmi bottle to my baby? +
is it normal for milk to drip or stream from the nipple? +
what if my baby chews or gnaws on the nipple? +
do i need to pace feed with the mōmi bottle? +
what’s the best way to sanitize the mōmi bottle and nipple? +
how do i clean the mōmi nipple after use? +
how can I tell which flow rate is right for my baby? +
how can I tell what flow rate my mōmi nipple is? +
does the mōmi bottle work for breast milk and formula? +
how do you recommend warming milk for the mōmi bottle? +
how do you recommend warming formula for the mōmi bottle? +
what if my mōmi nipple is leaking from the vents? +
what if my mōmi nipple “caves in” when baby is drinking from it? +
what if no milk seems to be coming out when my baby is trying to drink? +

new improved flow rates (october 2023)

what's new about the new improved flow rate nipples? +
how do i know which version i received? +
i ordered on amazon. what flow rate did i receive? +
the original version worked well for my baby. can i purchase more of the original version? +

product safety

what safety guidelines should i follow when using the mōmi bottle? +
is the mōmi bottle bpa-free? +
does the mōmi bottle meet regulatory safety requirements? +
where are mōmi products manufactured? +
what if my mōmi nipple is beginning to split or crack? +
what if my baby’s chewing has begun to cut into the nipple? +
what if my mōmi nipple has a small bubble in the tip? +
how often should i replace the mōmi nipple? +

other common questions

why does the mōmi nipple have a single duct? +
is the mōmi bottle an “anti-colic” bottle? +
why does mōmi only offer a 5 ounce bottle size? +
the mōmi bottle doesn’t fit in my bottle warmer. what can i do? +
what if my baby needs a larger bottle size? +
is the mōmi nipple compatible with breast pumps? +