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These testimonial videos presented on this site are the true stories of mōmi bottle users, told in their own words. In some cases mōmi compensated participants for time and travel involved in video production. Your experience with the mōmi bottle may differ from those featured here. In our product trial, 83% of bottle-refusers’ moms found mōmi somewhat better or much better than other bottles.

years in development

issued patents

revolutionary nipple

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“This revolutionary bottle will empower nursing moms to feed their infants with less fear of bottle-related complications.”

— Meg Alden, MD
Chief Medical Officer

pacing built in.

mōmi’s patented babypace™ technology lets the baby regulate the flow.

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we obsess over safety, so you don't have to.

designed and tested to exceed the most rigorous safety standards for your baby.

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mōmi works best when it’s your
baby’s very first bottle.

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